Hiring Playbook

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About The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index is a talent optimization company that businesses use to hire, inspire, and retain talent inside of their organizations. Company’s utilize PI’s software platform to administer and interpret the results of their workplace assessments.

The Challenge

The Predictive Index conducted discovery research around how the company could support its customers during their recruitment strategies. During interviews, customers described their lack of confidence during recruitment and hiring new talent inside of their organizations. The Predictive Index had a chance to provide recruiters and hiring managers with support resources that aligned with the release of new software features around recruitment.

The Team

As Lead Learning Experience Designer, I led the learning experience strategy, design, and development of the website. I aligned a group of stakeholders from product, product marketing, and learning to collaborate with on the project.

The Approach

Audience Definition

During a kickoff meeting, the group conducted a brainstorm around the target audience they were looking to support. The activity focused on the following questions:

  • Who is our user group?
  • What do they currently know, do, and feel?
  • What do we want them to know, do, and feel?

Below is a summary of the current and future states for the audience:

Current State

No prior experience with The Predictive Index methodology or platform

Aren’t familiar with hiring or doing a ton of hiring inside of their organization

Lack of confidence when recruiting and hiring new employees inside of their organizations

Lack of knowledge around potential interview questions to ask, pitfalls during the interview process, and tips to follow

Confusion around how to use Predictive Index tools and resources during their hiring and recruitment experiences

Future State

Understands and applies resources from The Predictive Index when preparing for or conducting interviews with potential employees

Feels confident when heading into interviews

Feels supported with resources as they conduct interviews

Problem Definition

After the group had a better understanding of the target audience, we aligned around the following opportunity areas:

  • How might we support our audience with resources that help them while they are hiring and recruiting new employees inside of their organizations?
  • How might we support our audience with guidance on how to use the resources provided?
  • How might we avoid a time intensive content production process and utilize existing resources that we already have for this audience?

As the Lead Learning Experience Designer, I quickly began to ideate and prototype possible solutions to help aid our user group.

My first step was to perform a content inventory to see what existing resources we had available for our intended audience of hiring managers and recruiters. I discovered 12 different resources ranging from articles, video, and downloadable media. My first concept focused creating a curated resource site that chunked resources together according to content type.

During a second iteration, I utilized best practices related information architecture to group resources around the audiences existing mental model of the hiring process: preparing for an interview, conducting an interview, and evaluating interviews. I created a higher fidelity prototype that included site content, graphics, and the overall look and feel of the site. The group conducted prototype testing in order to gain insights on how users explored and navigated the resource site.

The Outcome

The group quickly iterated the design based on feedback from prototype testing and released the Hiring Playbook to users.

The Hiring Playbook is an external resource site to help recruiters and hiring managers with tips and tricks on how to get started interviewing talent more quickly and confidently.